Myths and Misconceptions of Usability Testing

There are a lot of misconceptions around usability testing in the market. I usually hear statements that amaze me. Here are a select few:

Lawyers are the new marketers!

For the longest time, law firm marketers has been practicing tried and tested methods of traditional informational marketing, where a lot of content is pushed out to clients on their websites and some other digital channels in the hope that some of this content will engage clients.

Use Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas to your advantage – part of a series on Oracle|Eloqua best practices

Many times marketers have last minute changes in their campaigns. But due to complex setups in various marketing automation tools, marketers always need to depend on experts when they need to make such changes.

Demand Generation Best Practices for Professional Services Firms

With immense competition and flat growth, focus on client acquisition is more important than ever. These firms need to adopt demand generation strategies to drive opportunities, engage with prospects, nurture them and enable business development to close business.

How to get more out of your email marketing campaigns

Often marketers are at a loss for figuring out what more can they do for effective email marketing after all they were certain they had great content. You are not alone and no, it’s not rocket science either. A few tips may be is just what you need to