How law firms can drive client engagement digitally?

In today’s business environment, digital strategy and client engagement are no longer nice-to-haves but mandatory prerequisites to grow. The new client demands the right to be engaged in a new way.

How do you deliver a great customer experience?

We live in a world dominated by clever ad copies, brilliant marketing campaigns and all the hoopla about content that’s viral and at the core of it all, customer experience remains the single most important factor for business success.

Ready Reckoner – Upgrading from Adobe CQ to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

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In early 2013, Adobe released AEM as a successor to their web experience management platform (CQ). This feature rich CMS was conceptualized with digital at its core.

10 Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

The virtual world isn’t very different from the world we live in, both have entities we trust and those which we find fishy. Imagine this, you walk into a clumsy little electronics shop at the cross-section,

How to Think Big with Hadoop (Part III)

Here is the final blog post on the Hadoop introduction. In this blog post, we will cover the use cases, trends and much more.