Sitecore Implementation Advanced Best Practices

Sitecore XP version 8.1 is a mature product that incorporates standard social media components, customer insights based on interactions with content, the Federated Experience Manager (FXM), wikis, blogs, RSS syndication, the cloud/on premise based Experience Database (xDB) and “e-mail a friend” features.

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Automatic version upgrade for Sitecore

Edynamic’s Sitecore CoE has developed a tool, the Auto vUpgrader for Sitecore©, that can upgrade Sitecore customers to higher versions. This tool comes pre-configured with automated testing capabilities powered by Selenium. You must sign up for a demo post reading this.

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4 Biggest Mistakes with Insurance Websites

Insurers and advisors well recognize that innovation has a direct link with their business growth. With disruptive competition at the doorstep, especially when the new breed of Insurtech companies aregaining market share, the time available to adopt innovation is reducing.

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