Email Analytics 101: Glossary of Basic KPI in Eloqua Insights

In this Eloqua Analytics blog series, we will discuss about Eloqua Insights and how to leverage it for data driven marketing.

Business Decisions with Analytics Dashboards

In today’s age, where it is becoming increasingly important to justify marketing efforts, Digital Analytics has an even more important role to play. When we think of analytics,

Analytics Tool Selection

Analytics tool selection is very akin to a marriage because you will be stuck (lol – Please forgive me for this statement) with the same tool for very long time mostly due to your important historical data.

The Marketing Analytics Skills Gap and Why It’s Your Fault. I’m talking to you, the 37%ers.

There is no doubt there is a skills gap in marketing. The rapid change and innovation in marketing is like nothing we’ve seen. Marketing Automation, Web Technologies, Social Media, and Mobile are among some of the most highly sought after skills today.

Garbage Trucks and Marketing, A Brief Introduction

Before I begin posting to this blog, I thought it is only polite to introduce myself, let you know who my articles are intended for, and what I think I can offer from my experiences.