Get Personal with your Customers

Today, it’s harder than ever to drive visitors to your website – and harder still to keep them there. Customer engagement is the key to hold the customer to your website.

Sitecore Analytics vs. Google Analytics

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Head to head comparison between Sitecore and Google Analytics There has been lot of debate on this topic and especially customers who use Sitecore or willing to migrate to Sitecore, ask this question – “Which one is better among Google analytics and Sitecore Analytics”. Since there is not too

Sitecore Analytics 103 : Glossary of KPI in Sitecore Experience Platform

In Sitecore Analytics 101 we learnt about various Sitecore reports and how they can help improve customer experience and drive revenue. In Sitecore Analytics 102 we discussed how to configure basic reports in Sitecore.

Revenue Engine for Marketers

Revenue Generation is the most important measure of success for marketers today. However, most marketers lack fundamental capabilities and processes to drive revenue.

Sitecore Analytics 102 : 7 configuration steps to access basic Sitecore DMS Reports

Effective marketing today requires technology. While years ago, companies could put an ad in the phone book and wait, today’s digital world requires websites