Adobe Marketing Cloud – Track, Target, Retain Customers

Author: Animesh kumar | Categories: Adobe, Analytics, Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing

Customer experience is the priority for businesses today. Other than boosting satisfaction, an improved customer experience helps improve repeat clientele and thereby increases sales and revenue for the business.

However, it is important to stay consistent and connected with customers so that the experience you offer appears seamless. Customer loyalty hasn’t ever been easy to acquire – more so today, due to the availability of a myriad of options. Therefore, it’s important that your brand stays accessible and agile 24x7.

With technology entering our everyday lives, keeping a tab on customers’ preferences, buying decisions, and most importantly her needs – day in and out – has become easier. Naturally, customer experience too has become more relevant today than ever before.

Along with the devices that they carry, customers too have become mobile. This has made it easier, and at the same time challenging, for marketers to deliver personalized experiences. The catch is to grab every opportunity and connect with her at the right intensity to maximize the benefits. The better you can take care of your customers by connecting their touch points with your business, the better it will be for you (your business). To do this, you need an in-depth customer insight and excellent good understanding of your customer and her preferences.

Web Analytics and Adobe

Helping you to capture the right customer insight are web analytics tools, which track customers and analyze their journeys. With a plethora of such tools available, it may be overwhelming to find the best pick. So, here I am sharing with you the benefits of using the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is an umbrella that covers all aspects of customer acquisition. Rather than using different tools to get the right picture of your customers, Adobe Marketing Cloud offers you everything you need under one roof. Naturally, this makes it easier for marketers to go ahead with their digital marketing strategies. The complete suite includes tools such as Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, and Adobe Prime Time.

In the recently held Adobe Summit 2017, the brand announced major changes in the suite and further empowered Adobe Marketing Cloud with several enhanced capabilities. Below are the top features of each of the tools available in the suite:

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager is a complete online marketing tool in itself that:

  • Identifies and collects audience information

  • Compiles data by checking out different available sources

  • Organizes, segments, and recognizes high-value target audiences

With the above, it facilitates sending retargeted ad campaigns to customers that have shown interest in your business but could not convert as clients due to some reason. AEM enables retargeting them with more personalized experiences that carry higher chances of conversion.

Adobe Campaign

As marketers, we would agree that "No two customers are the same". To make our marketing messages resonate with everyone, we have to come up with campaigns that connect with all. We have the Adobe Campaign tool to help deliver personalized campaigns to customers, designed as per their taste and preference. It is set with cross-channel campaign orchestration functionality, making it simple to manage the different aspects of a campaign at both – the online as well as offline levels. It also enables us to view the outcomes in real time. Adobe Campaign further helps to integrate customer profiles and thereby create segments so that unique personalized content can be sent across.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target delivers personalized experiences and solutions to identify the best content through tests. Regular testing of your data reduces the chances of going wrong with it or it failing to meet your expectations. Through the A/B testing feature, Adobe Target helps deliver the right messages to customers and that too at the right time. Other features of this marketing tool include Automated Personalization, Mobile App Optimization, Target Recommendation, Multivariate Testing, Analytics, and much more.

Adobe Social

Social engagement has come far beyond ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’. To remain socially connected with customers around the clock, marketers have to come up with ways that link every piece of data that is available with other information. This can be professionally done using the Adobe Social tool. This tool helps in managing relations between a company and its customer's choices and sentiments. It lets you collect social data and record it in one place so that it can be easily managed and measured. Adobe Social also identifies the type of content that drives more engagement and conversion – this gives you the edge to recognize the specific genre or content type that can help you establish a better connection. Integrating this tool with other tools of the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite can improve and optimize CX in a remarkable way.

Adobe Primetime

How often do you fret over not being able to watch anything of interest on the television? Do you flip through endless channels and still not find a program of interest? Well, this isn’t due to the lack of content on TV – there are thousands of channels with around the clock programming available. Rather, this is because none of the programs being aired on the TV, at that particular time, fit your choice. The ideal experience would be to find some content that matches your taste – anytime you switched on the TV set. To set the tone for you, you have a handy tool available in the form of Adobe Primetime.

Adobe Primetime is a multi-screen TV platform that provides personalized viewing experiences to customers. It eliminates the complexities and hindrances that businesses face while acquiring their customers, and making them stick to the brand. This platform further helps in monetizing customers around the globe by personalizing ads and campaigns – perfectly to suit their tastes. A few capabilities of Adobe Primetime are:

  1. It delivers TV and Film content anywhere and almost on all devices

  2. It allows integrating it with other Adobe Marketing Cloud products

  3. It provides deeper insights and allows businesses to offer customized viewing experiences

  4. It recommends contents to new users with the help of Contextual Data Sources

The more a viewer engages, the recommendations get even better – this is due to the viewing history that gets stored automatically. The viewing history along with the data collected by other products of the Adobe Marketing Cloud help in displaying personalized ads to viewers.

All the products of the Adobe Marketing Cloud are linked with one another. This facilitates segmenting, targeting, and retaining high-value customers, and ensures that they never leave your offerings. Indeed, this digital marketing suite brings the customer experience journey for you a full circle, and things get even better when you connect the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite with Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud.

In my subsequent blogs, I shall share with you the features and advantages of these Adobe products and how you could derive the best benefits for your marketing campaigns. Watch this space.