Why Every CMO You Know Is Asking About Client Engagement

In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to send your customers an occasional email. In competitive markets, such as the legal space, CMOs need to focus on engaging clients and prospects to stand out. Digital engagement is the new handshake. Today’s business relationships can be initiated online, using personalized

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The Evolution of the modern CMS

To the modern marketer, the web content management system (CMS) has become the workhorse that delivers most of an organization’s digital content. As you can see in this chart from eMarketer, 77% of businesses report that websites are important to engage existing clients and attracting new clients.

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How to define your Law Firm’s Buyer Persona

The first step in meeting this new digital engagement imperative is defining, and looking for concrete insight on your clients. The key to understanding your client is to tease out the questions that matter to them: How do they think about your firm, and what’s important to them? Are

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