B2B corporate website best practices

Author: Rahul Khosla | Categories: Demand Generation, Customer Experience, Personalization, Customer Engagement, 1:1 Marketing

According to SiriusDecision, a B2B Research & Analyst Firm, 71% of inquiries by 2015 will come from corporate websites.

Although most of the B2B companies realize that their website is the most important channel for lead generation, but only 20% are able to utilize their number one digital asset to the fullest.

In this digital-savvy customer age, where buyers are better informed and less dependent on sales people to evaluate their purchase, it has become crucial that B2B marketers deliver the web experience that meets the needs of their business buyers.

In this webinar, Rahul Khosla, Partner at edynamic, has outlined the key strategies, tactics and insights to deliver highly personalized and engaging web experience to improve client acquisition and engagement initiatives.
In this webinar, you will learn:

  • B2b website best practices
  • How to engage with the audience and drive conversion
  • Personalized digital experience
  • How to convert your website into a demand generation engine
  • And more