Winds of change in Insurance – enter automated marketing

Author: Caroline Schmid | Categories: Insurance, Marketing Automation

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Customers now expect insurers to anticipate their needs and deliver relevant content and offers across multiple channels. The mantra is – if you don’t do it quickly enough, your competition will.

What’s more, the digitalization of insurance marketing is seeing producers demand more – more leads, more empowerment, more communication – from carriers. With hefty revenues and toplines at stake from producer channels, marketing folks cannot afford to ignore such demands.

How do marketers meet customer and channel expectations? Through better segmentation, improved lead quality, ‘click and run’ marketing operations, low costs, high efficiency and a multi-channel approach to marketing. Enter marketing automation.

In this brand new eBook for the insurance industry, we demonstrate why marketing automation is rapidly becoming the new imperative for marketers who desire to improve customer and channel engagement and new customer acquisition.

The eBook includes:
  • How are digitalization of insurance and changing customer behavior driving the need for improved marketing operations
  • How can insurance marketers leverage marketing automation to meet key objectives