Build a Lead Management Process Today!

Author: Otto Warner | Categories: Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, CMS

Studies upon studies have been done on how efficient you could be, and how much more ROI you’d gain, if you’d just put an organized lead management process in place. Easier said than done though, and best practices are only a good starting point to get your mind around the concept.

Truly building a ‘best practices’ version of a lead management process, however, requires expensive systems, data integrations, and meetings to sort out who will do what. This is important to consider for the long-term, end-all lead management processes that you’re left with after it has matured over time. In this webinar, we’ll be discussing: How do you get something put in place that you can start using today, even if you might have to take some manual steps at the onset and over the short term? Getting a process in place that you can build upon is the first catalyst to long-term success, and you’ll see that a little will go a long way just by getting some of the essential components in place.

This webinar will cover:

  • Stages, Funnels and MQL Thresholds (OH MY!)
    • Best Practices vs Reality
  • Putting it in Place (TODAY!)
    • Start small, but start NOW
    • Balancing Short Term Gain and Manual Pain (Do you need new systems to help with the heavy lifting? Why and when?)
    • Measure the RIGHT metrics (forget the rest)