Building and Implementing a Revenue Engine Model!

Author: Otto Warner, Greg Baxter | Categories: Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing

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Digital marketers have long dabbled in the spray and pray methodology. While it worked for them then, it’s not an option anymore. By 2020, brands will compete on CX and personalized experience and success of marketing teams will no longer be restricted to the number of campaigns run. The new breed of marketers are therefore looking at roles that will make them accountable for their marketing spend.

To stay on top of the game in the overly competitive marketing space, you need to have a clear framework in place that focusses on the results. ROI is important and every marketing effort ought to be aligned on these lines. You can enjoy this framework in the form of a revenue engine – a methodology that helps you optimize your MarTech investments to drive real revenue.

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  • The importance of a single view of the customer
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  • edynamic’s Revenue Engine Workshop