Building Successful Lead Scoring Models

Building Successful Lead Scoring Models

Author: Otto Warner | Categories: Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Personalization, CMS

Lead Scoring, the term, is thrown around a lot by marketing ‘gurus’ and experts, lead generation bloggers and strategists, and of course, software companies who offer Lead Scoring tools in their platforms. However, beyond the high level concepts, how is Lead Scoring actually done within the context of how your business works

This session will endeavor to demystify the process of putting a Lead Scoring formula in place that will mean something to both your sales and marketing functions in your organization, and allow you to pinpoint and accelerate closed won opportunities.

Join Otto Warner, VP, Marketing Automation Practice to gather impactful insights on how you can use a customer-centric CMS to drive bottom line leads and revenue.

This webinar covers:

  • Components of a Lead Scoring formula
    • Arithmetic vs Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring
    • Aligning on Lead Score criteria
    • Do you need more than one Lead Score?
  • Dialing in your Lead Scoring Process
    • Activity Triggering Using Lead Scores
    • Testing and Reviewing Your Lead Scores
  • CMS innovative features that you might be missing out on