Lead Gen for Lawyers: Can your firm ignore the New Engagement Paradigm? [Video]

Author: Meghan Lockwood | Categories: Demand Generation, Legal, Professional Services, Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement, Video Marketing

Digital marketing can be a bit of a minefield for law firms. While many firm marketers want to take advantage of the giant upside new online technology presents, the practical elements of marketing inside a firm can get in the way.

Simply securing executive buy-in, navigating the sometimes-political waters of online partner bios or obtaining compliance’s blessing for your social media strategy can stop online goals in their tracks.

Still, many of the top firms are not just dipping their toes in the online waters, they are jumping in with resources and budgets equal to traditional marketing. According to LexBlog, 72% of firms are using LinkedIn to generate new business and 50% are using Facebook for business development.

“Relationship Marketing” has moved online

There is a danger in letting your competitors lead the charge into digital. Digital demand generation is an evolution that will revolutionize how law firms acquire clients by engaging them in a more meaningful way. Get creative – even if you don’t want to execute a “traditional” lead generation campaign there are plenty of online strategies that will fill your funnel and bolster your brand awareness.

We know that many of your clients will come always come through relationship marketing. The paradigm shift comes when you realize that many parts of this relationship, from client communication to how they research your firm, have all moved online.

Creating Engaging Experiences

This is where engagement comes in. While this has become the next buzzword for some, the heart of engagement is using your technology to better listen to, and understand, what your audience cares about, and then crafting an online experience (using content) to meet those needs. Just like crafting a good opening argument for a jury, your online impression is critical to set the tone for your entire relationship with your prospects and clients.

In this on-demand video, edynamic CEO and Legal Practice Head, Rahul Khosla walks us through the keys to developing a lead generation engine in your firm. You will learn how digital marketing can play a key role in the sales process and help your firm better nurture your prospects and ultimately acquire new clients.

Here are some excerpts from this 45-minute deep dive into the world of digital engagement at law firms:

On Lead Generation:

“The concern for “quality lead gen” remains as the biggest challenge for law firms. This essentially means the entire demand generation process is not synchronized to convert leads to sales. And this issue is not only limited to the legal industry but spread across B2B marketing.

In order to address the issues and challenges faced by law firms, you essentially need a strategic roadmap which would pave the path for successful demand generation.”

On Buyer Lifecycles:

“This concept of buyer lifecycle is of utmost importance… as clients are more informed and (now) driving the buying process. Publishing and social media have fostered an ongoing dialogue among peers, and Web 2.0 tools have enabled B2B buyers to be well-versed on service offerings even before they have their first conversation with the firm.

Thus, firms must direct and guide prospects through the buying phases of their decisions. The buying lifecycle eventually provides direction to your digital marketing initiatives.”

On Content Distribution and the HALO effect:

“While producing content is important, the distribution strategy is just as important. Law firms need to create a HALO effect around clients to engage them at every touch point in a relevant way. (In the HALO effect analogy), the client is at the center of all engagement, and content is highly targeted.

Firms must ensure each tactic used by the firm or attorney, whether an event, website, webinar, or social media is consistent. They need (to be able to see) insight across all elements to inform the marketer of the level of client engagement and their needs, so that business development regarding the client’s interests can take place.”

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