Choose a Marketing Automation migration approach that works for you

Author: Caroline Schmid | Categories: Marketing Automation, Demand Generation

During planning of your Marketing Automation migration, it is critical to select the right type of migration approach for your team.  In order to develop project plans that are aligned around how you would like to conduct and manage the actual migration, list out your goals/drivers and rank them in order of importance and feasibility.  Critical drivers around most migrations are budget, resources and time. These primary drivers can help you determine the type of migration that you will need to execute.

If you have an understanding of where you are with each of these, you can align around a few migration approaches.  For example, minimizing the budget of the migration, may mean that you sacrifice a lengthy approach and be willing to accept more risk within the process.  The addition of features or capabilities may be done with a phased approach over a longer period of time since these will require more resources, planning and experience with the tool.

These approaches can be customized or overlap as needed for your particular business.  Below are four specific approaches and some of the primary drivers to go with each particular approach.  This includes a short, simple migration approach up to a complex, longer-term phased approach.

Marketing automation

The decision to select a new Marketing Automation Vendor and migrate systems is a complex one.  Learn more about the process in my eBook,  The A-Z Guide to Migration.