Competing With Giants

Competing With Giants

Author: Akhil Mittal, Greg Baxter, Brendon Buckley | Categories: Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Sitecore CMS, Customer Engagement, CMS, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Personalization

Providing an ‘Awesome’ Customer Experience and Client Engagement is not merely a good-to-have strategy for mid-tier marketers – customer experience leaders outperform non-adopters in every single business vertical.

In the video shared above, Brendon Buckley, Akhil Mittal and Greg Baxter talk about how mid-market marketers can lead the race against large enterprises through superior CX and client engagement.

The webcast also focuses on:

  • Why mid-market marketers’ task is getting lot more complex?
  • What advantage and disadvantage they carry compared to large enterprise marketers?
  • How can they march ahead the race using powerful marketing technology, including personalization and single view of the customer?
  • What to do and what not to do?
  • Sitecore, enterprise class arsenal for mid-market marketing warriors
  • Case study “David and Goliath” – how a small regional bank increased sales by 60%, enticed 138,000 visitors (out of 140,000 over the period) to complete a vital business intelligence survey and attracted more social likes than their largest national and international competitors. All this was achieved in just 2 weeks… with just one savvy digital marketer, and Sitecore.