Configuration guide for Sitecore CM-CD Environment – Part I

Author: Surendra Sharma | Categories: CMS selection, Sitecore CMS, CMS

This blog describes how to scale Sitecore CMS solutions by configuring multiple instances in one or more environments, such as, Content Management (CM) and Content Delivery (CD) environments.

The solution contains multiple instances of both Content Management (CM) and Content Delivery (CD) servers, all of which are hosted at the same or different physical location.

The following diagram illustrates connections between Web instances and Sitecore databases for the standard multi-instance Sitecore setup with a remote publishing target:

Sitecore Cms

Content management [CM] is the instance where content editor can login and change the content, upload images, document etc. Its main purpose is to preview your new data/changes without affecting the LIVE website.

To configure the CM environment, you must set up one or more CM instances on one or more Web servers.

Sitecore recommends that you must use a dedicated Web server for every Sitecore CMS instance in the environment.

Go ahead and check out in Part 2 of this series how to configure the Content Management Environment in Sitecore.