Creating Successful Extranets on SharePoint

Author: SharePoint Team | Categories: SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has become the first choice of the companies looking for an Extranet – an extended network to exchange information with customers, contractors and business partners.

Ease of use, document management capabilities, security, governance, search, and change notifications are some of the features that have led to the emergence of Microsoft SharePoint as one of the top platforms for extranet. Its ability to manage the content, permissions, workflows, policies and people are some of the reasons why SharePoint is being preferred over the other technology platforms.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The benefits of having an extranet
  • Why is SharePoint the best fit for extranets and how you can leverage it for developing a secure and user friendly extranet
  • Key features of SharePoint extranet
  • SharePoint enabled extranet – connect, engage and optimize
  • Administration UI, usage scenario, authentication, provisioning, content auditing
  • Possible extranet solutions using SharePoint
  • And more…