Customer Acquisition with Web CMS and Marketing Automation

Author: Anirban Chakraborty | Categories: CMS, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation

The combination of CMS with marketing automation platform provides marketing capabilities that were heretofore unavailable. The combination provides marketers with the ability to deliver a unified engagement model for prospects and customers across a variety of channels. This capability enables marketers to move prospects through the buying cycle quickly, to convert leads to sales faster and more consistently than with separate CMS and demand generation platforms.

With the introduction of powerful CMS platforms like Sitecore CMS, that provide content personalized and targeted through the built-in Online Marketing Suite (OMS) and the combined use of marketing automation platforms like Eloqua, marketers now have a new generation of marketing tools available. By integrating these platforms to combine the strengths of each into a unified engagement platform, marketers have a powerful customer acquisition platform that shortens the prospects’ journey through the buying cycle, consequently improving conversions.