Digital Client Engagement in Law Firms

Author: Rahul Khosla | Categories: Content Marketing, Customer Engagement, Demand Generation, Legal

However, law firms focus on informational marketing – getting information out through email, websites, and social mediums, without creating any engagement and measurement. Typically, less than 10% of traffic to law firm websites visit the practice areas and an even lesser percentage revisit the website.This is essential because the content fails to engage clients.

Law firms need to revitalize their digital marketing strategy to engage clients. Law firms need to improve their content marketing strategy, approach to measurement, not only to generate leads, but creating opportunities and improving their marketing technology infrastructure to accomplish goals.

In this webcast, Rahul Khosla, Partner at edynamic talks about how law firms can improve client engagement through digital marketing.
We have covered:

  • Content Marketing
  • How to leverage thought leadership
  • Embracing the right technologies
  • Interactive innovations