Digital Customer Engagement for Asset and Wealth Management Companies

Digital Customer Engagement for Asset and Wealth Management Companies

Author: Akhil Mittal | Categories: Asset Management, Customer Engagement, Insurance, Wealth Management, Digital Marketing

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Asset Management companies play a crucial role in developing the economy by intermediating the borrower-lender gaps not only between business firms, government, and households, but also between other financial intermediaries, such as pension funds and insurance companies. Lately, there were major apprehensions about the future of Asset Management and Wealth Management companies (AMWM) due to the 2008 financial crisis. But, now, it is notable how the industry has embraced itself around innovations within sales and marketing strategies.

Few AMWM companies are leading the way in digital innovation irrespective of their sizes. And, to become digital customer experience smarts, the wait for others to quickly catch up with the digital revolution is intended.

The eBook covers:

  • Key success factors for digital innovation in AMWM
  • Steering features that promote customer engagement
  • Process for AMWM companies to approach digital
  • Integration is the key - CMS, Marketing Automation, Managing Search Engine