Digital Internationalization best practices for Global Brands

Author: Daniel Huss | Categories: Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Websites

Your firm is global and your website is multi-lingual. That used to be the extent of what having an international website and digital experience meant, but expectations and technology have changed. Regional divisions of your organization are creating content, or maybe are even using their own technologies. Trying to manage this regional content and digital approach has led to a content nightmare for many organizations.

Complicating matters even more are the specific Search Engine Optimization requirements for internationalization, the legal differences between countries and the general user experience challenges from having a global site.

In this webinar, Daniel Huss, VP of Digital Customer Experience at edynamic, will walk you through best practices to take your digital presence to an international stage.
The webinar covers:

  • Wrangling in the global content beast
  • Best practices for Customer Experience on global websites
  • Navigating SEO, legal and other regional considerations