Digital Revenue Engine for Manufacturing Companies

Author: Caroline Schmid | Categories: Digital-Revenue-Engine, Digital Revenue Generation, Revenue Generation, Manufacturing

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The disruptive evolution of digital technologies has compelled manufacturing companies to reimagine the way they do business. The adoption and use of digital marketing technologies in this industry are far higher and mature as compared to others, but manufacturing marketers are facing challenges in measuring revenue and customer experience.

One of Forrester’s top most digital predictions mentions that 2015 will serve as an inflection point where companies that successfully harness digital technology to advantageously serve customers, will create clear competitive separation and revenue influence from those that do not. Data is the new product. So, manufacturing companies using analytics with the right marketing tools will gain a unique advantage. 

What is the Digital Revenue Engine and how can it help marketers create measurable revenue impact? In this eBook, edynamic shall enable you to take a deep dive into the notion of the Digital Revenue Engine for marketers in manufacturing companies. 

This eBook covers:

  • Why revenue is now an imperative
  • The new Revenue Engine
  • The Revenue Engine journey and roadmap
  • Key issues that impact revenue