Drive Revenue Through Digital - A Guide for Technology Companies

Author: Rahul Khosla | Categories: Digital Revenue Generation, High Tech, Digital-Revenue-Engine

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"A solid digital marketing strategy not only drives revenue for the business, but it creates efficiencies regarding how advertising and marketing budgets are spent." - CMO Exclusives

The change in the buyer and the rise of digital capabilities have placed marketing in the middle of the revenue generation function of an organization.

As marketers, we are all feeling the pressure to measure the impact of every dollar we spend on marketing and today there is mounting focus put on the direct revenue impact of marketing on revenue.

It's time for technology marketers to discover a new way of approaching marketing.

This eBook provides a framework for revenue marketers to maximize ROI through their digital marketing efforts.

The eBook covers:

  • Why revenue is now an imperative
  • The new Revenue Engine
  • The Revenue Engine journey and roadmap for technology companies
  • Key issues that impact revenue