Driving, Measuring and Turbo-Charging Client Engagement in the Legal Arena!

Driving, Measuring and Turbo-Charging Client Engagement in the Legal Arena!

Author: Greg Baxter, Shad Alam | Categories: Legal, Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement, Sitecore CMS, CMS, Personalization & Targeting

Client engagement is the glue that attracts and retains customers, and digital channels are vital avenues through which your firm expresses its value to both new and existing clients. Your website should be instrumented to sense and adapt to client requirements in real time – delivering highly relevant content and calls-to-action that bring clients closer to your firm, services and attorneys.

Join Sitecore veteran and Digital Marketing Suite expert Greg Baxter and edynamic’s Shad Alam as they offer you a Demo showcasing how a superior client experience through a real website looks like. The webcast also highlights how triggering a real-time and personalized nurture plan drives a client to register for a vital webinar.

This webinar covered:

  • A highly advanced look at the “best of breed” a Digital Experience Platform through the lens of a firm’s evolving needs and expectations.
  • A view of what client experience looks like when Sitecore is used to its potential.
  • How “low hanging fruit” can give you an extremely fast start in the new engagement paradigm.
  • The Revenue Engine – Time to Value’s “big brother”.
  • How to create a single view/record of the customer, serving to both meet current client facing digital communication standards and increasingly, GDPR requirements.
  • An achievable and rapid methodology to future proof your firm’s digital marketing and communications.