Drupal 8 is the Ideal Open Source CMS For Enterprises?

Author: Michael Julius | Categories: Drupal, CMS, CMS selection, Asset Management, Customer Experience, Websites, Web Content Management

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With over 200 more built-in advanced features, flexibility in data structure customization, multilingual adaptation, powerful modules, and easy data migration facilities, amongst others, Drupal 8 is one of the most-preferred CMS frameworks available.

For enterprises, Drupal has always offered a plethora of benefits such as low cost, secure built, scalability, Symfony 2, easy integration with a variety of marketing automation platforms, and so on. These features enhance the digital experience for firms – both marketers as well as developers.

If you are new to the Drupal environment or are still using an older version of Drupal and would like to move to the latest version, Drupal 8, here’s your chance to know about them all. .

Download our eBook Drupal 8 is the Ideal Open Source CMS for Enterprises to understand how you can prepare your firm to be Drupal 8-ready and how edynamic can help you move/ upgrade to Drupal 8.

This eBook also covers:

  • What makes Drupal a strong fit for enterprise websites?
  • Key features of Drupal – security, ease of use, scalability, enterprise search, CMS capacity
  • edynamic’s expertise on Drupal