Engagement Marketing for Agent/Distribution Channels

Author: Abhiraj Banerjee | Categories: Insurance, Financial Services, Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement

As an insurer how easy is it for you to acquire/recruit and educate agents, partners to market and sell effectively? Are you able to execute efficient, repeatable marketing and sales programs via your agents and distribution channels? Are you engaging with your end customers across their buying lifecycles through your channel marketing programs?

Insurance providers globally are realizing more than ever that their channels can contribute significantly to revenue. But it is important for insurers to also analyze all the touch points where they engage with their channels and their channels interface with end customers. It is these touch points that can collectively make up a framework upon which ‘engagement marketing’ can be successful.

Digital is changing the game for insurers and agent/distribution channels are no exception to this phenomenon. It is critical for insurers to focus on digital engagement marketing strategies for their channels and invest in the right marketing software platforms to deliver on their strategies.

In this webinar, Abhiraj Banerjee, Director of Digital Solutions for Insurance, at edynamic will walk you through how a combination of strategy and digital marketing technology can drive channel selling/marketing improvement and revenue for B2B and B2C Life and P&C insurers.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of engagement marketing for agents/distribution channels
  • How engagement marketing can drive channel revenue
  • How you can effectively acquire, educate and enable your channels
  • How can you leverage marketing software for engagement marketing
  • And more insight and best practices