Five steps to an engaging Customer Experience

Author: Rolf Kraus | Categories: Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, CMS, Marketing Automation

It’s a great time to be a marketer – there are more channels than ever to communicate with prospects and customers. But this also makes it an extremely challenging time to be a marketer – all of these channels take the control of the conversation out of your hands into the hands of the customer.

This has left marketers to play catch up, using “random acts of marketing” to try and connect with customers. With so many powerful digital platforms, and customers having conversations in so many different places, it’s harder than ever to sort through the noise, determine the most effective channels, and generate a complete profile of your customers.

So how do you take this plethora of disparate systems and transform it into an integrated, holistic digital marketing ecosystem that drives engagement, efficiency, customer loyalty and ultimately, more business?

By building a strong foundation, starting with a Digital Marketing Roadmap.

In this webcast, Rolf Kraus, CMS Practice Director at edynamic, and Shawn De Souza, Demand Generation Practice Director at edynamic, have outlined five key steps in developing a successful digital marketing roadmap that will help you engage your customers.You will learn:

  • The value of a holistic approach
  • How to identify your needs, based on your customers’ needs and their engagement cycle
  • How to select platforms based on those needs, rather than fitting your needs into what the platforms offer
  • How to create efficiencies by integrating platforms and automating your processes
  • And more...