Get Personal with your Customers

Author: Shilpa Gupta | Categories: Personalization, Customer Engagement, Sitecore CMS, CMS

Today, it’s harder than ever to drive visitors to your website and harder still to keep them there. Customer engagement is the key to hold the customer to your website.

To bring this dream of customer engagement to life, you need the right technology – using a digital marketing system such as the Sitecore DMS.

With this DMS, you can create a customer experience where your website speaks directly to its audience. Instead of broadcasting a general message to your audience, you have the tools to render specific content to user segments to make your marketing much more relevant, and consequently much more effective.

In this webinar, Shilpa Gupta, Director – Analytics, has addressed how to unleash the power of personalization through Sitecore DMS.

The Webinar Covers:

  • Sitecore DMS overview and its advantages
  • Sitecore DMS and Google analytics comparison
  • Sitecore reporting
    • A complete list of the Sitecore reports you can’t ignore
    • Configuration steps to access basic Sitecore DMS reports
    • Executive dashboard
    • Website personalization
    • Engagement analytics
    • A/B multivariate testing
    • Transformation of marketing