Get personal with your customers – How Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS) can change your marketing

Author: Daniel Huss | Categories: Sitecore CMS, Personalization, CMS, Customer Engagement

It’s an exciting time to be a digital marketer. New technology from websites to emails and mobile to social media and beyond has radically changes our ability to reach out and connect with our audience – bringing us ever-closer to the dream of having real-time, one-on-one conversations online.

This time of change also creates dramatic challenges. It’s harder than ever to drive visitors to your website and harder still to keep them there. Users are savvier and they expect every website to deliver an Amazon-style personal experience, which they want to access seamlessly from every device they use.

To bring this dream of customer engagement to life, you need the right technology – using a digital marketing system such as the Sitecore DMS. With this DMS, you can create a customer experience where your website speaks directly to its audience. Instead of broadcasting a general message to your audience, you have the tools to specifically specific content and user segments to make your marketing much more relevant, and consequently much more effective.

In this webcast, Daniel Huss, Director of Digital Strategy and Chait Suwannarat, Sitecore MVP, and a Senior Sitecore Architect at edynamic have addressed how to unleash the power of personalization through Sitecore DMS.

In this webcast, we have covered:

  • DMS personalization 101: What you really need to know about connecting with your audience?
  • Specific DMS tactics: How do you use your technology?
  • How you can apply and customize your DMS to meet your unique business needs?