Getting ready for DMS Personalization

Author: Alistair Deneys | Categories: Sitecore CMS, Personalization

Today’s tech savvy customers aren’t satisfied with finding information quickly; they also want information that is relevant to them. When it comes to content, one size does not always fit all. Instead of broadcasting a general message to your audience it is more effective to target specific content to specific user segments. Or perhaps you’d like to test variations of a piece of content to see which version yields best results.

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) provides all the above and much more. But to tap into this power, your Sitecore solution must be “DMS Ready”

This webinar by edynamic (sitecore certified partners) will show how to assess your Sitecore site to see if it is ready for personalization through DMS.

In this webinar, will discuss:

  • An introduction to DMS Personalization
  • How to check if your current Sitecore site is ready for Personalization through DMS
  • From a technical point of view, how to developer components to be “DMS ready”