Google Analytics Solution – Tag, Track, and Optimize

Author: Anuj Kumar | Categories: Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing, Analytics

Google analytics solution

On your website, you can easily track and figure out:

  • Who your visitors are

  • Where they are from

  • What they came there looking for

  • What content interested them

And so on…

So, what helps you gather the insights? Well, it’s all thanks to the available analytics products.

Out of the many that are there, Google Analytics offers one of the simplest and the best solutions for compiling data on the speed, performance, and areas for improvement on your website. It provides valuable inputs about your web properties that you can use to optimize your website(s) and add up to your brand’s online visibility.

Besides the data highlighted above, you can also compile detailed reports on

  • How users may be using your website

  • Where your website may be failing

  • The web pages that have the highest bounces

  • The quality of your landing pages

  • The conversion rates of your campaigns

And, these aren’t all – there’s a lot more insight on diverse aspects (of your website) that you can enjoy aside these. To be able to derive the most out of your digital marketing initiatives, explore the different tools available in the Google Analytics Solution suite. Some of the advanced tools available here include Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio (Beta), and Google Optimize (Beta).

Here’s a brief outline on each of these Google products and the ways you can explore them.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, as the name suggests, allows website owners/marketers to add and manage tags in just a few clicks. This free tool, also known as GTM, supports Google and third-party tags, and helps the different functions in an organization, such as IT and marketing, to promptly collaborate and efficiently work. Undoubtedly, this boosts the agility of your website.

Google Analytics

The most powerful tool of the suite, Google Analytics, allows you to collect data about your website’s visitors. It lets you analyze the collected data to find out how a user arrived at your site, what activities she performed there, the conversion rate of your website, as well as other vital information that can help you create a user persona.

Some useful ways in which Google Analytics reports support your digital marketing strategies are:

  1. In determining the time, visitors come to your website

  2. In identifying the pages and content that are the most liked/not liked

  3. In analyzing the performance of your marketing campaigns

  4. In finding out whether visitors were ‘interactive’ and ‘engaging’ while using the ‘Share’ button

  5. In recognizing the traits that show whether or not your digital strategies worked

  6. In gauging the quality of your web pages

  7. In helping you reflect on your strategy decisions

  8. In assisting the creation of engaging content

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is an awesome tool that helps you to visualize data, collaborate, and share reports. This new tool by Google is every marketer’s delight – it simplifies the report creation process and aids you in deriving engaging, dynamic, and interactive reports. To do this, it pulls in data from different sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, YouTube Analytics, spreadsheets, SQL, etc.

To add insight, you can also use different filters (set here) and further drill into the data. Pick the relevant pieces and join them together before sharing a report or dashboard using the ‘Share’ button. As the reports refresh automatically, you don’t have to worry about maintaining their relevance.

Google Optimize

To discover the most engaging customer experiences, explore the features of Google Optimize. Personalization, AB testing, Multivariate tests, redirect tests – there are a lot of activities you can do out here. The integration of Google Optimize with Google Analytics help create insightful customer experiences and derive detailed reports. Comparing two versions of a web page to gauge the performance of each can also be effortlessly done using Google Optimize.

In the end…

As you can see, each handy tool of the Google Analytics Solution suite jointly delivers exciting experiences that you can enjoy as a digital marketer. This suite provides you deep insights to help your organization measure and improve the impact of your digital marketing strategies. Engage your audience, establish your brand, and manage all your marketing strategies and data – right from one place – explore the suite yourself for the best insights.