How law firms can drive client engagement digitally?

Author: Rahul Khosla | Categories: Digital Marketing, Legal, Customer Engagement, Content Marketing, Personalization

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In today’s business environment, digital strategy and client engagement are no longer nice-to-haves but mandatory prerequisites to grow. The new client demands the right to be engaged in a new way. Today, we sit at the apex of what Forrester Research calls the ‘Age of the Consumer’ – where the client is in control – she starts the buying process, decides how and where to engage. Digital transformation presents a disruptive opportunity for law firms to enable client engagement. Digital client engagement occurs when firms and their attorneys create digital experiences with clients via various touch points (The web, mobile, social or email).

According to eConsultancy, 72% of marketers can see the importance of online personalization but they don’t have a digital strategy in place for the same.

edynamic recommends a 7 step journey that law firms must undertake to adapt themselves for the digital client engagement.

The insights covered below will help law firms initiate their digital engagement roadmap, to get the most out of their client interactions:

1. Create a digital strategy that transforms engagement

Identifying and establishing the core client persona, their behavior, buying patterns etc. is of critical importance when it comes to curating the digital strategy. Mapping the client traits within the digital roadmap is only apt when we have aptly defined the clients.

2. Create a content strategy that engages clients

In today’s digital era, content takes center stage when it comes to digital client engagement. From forging connections to nurturing relations, content strategy can help law firms claim their stake on thought leadership mind space via owned collaterals – whitepapers etc. or social media – LinkedIn.

3. Deliver engaging, personalized experiences

Clients look for personalized content that converses with them, speaks of their problems and answers their queries the right time. A personalized experience would help law firms build an engagement with their clientele.

4. Utilize an inbound marketing strategy to drive digital demand

By utilizing an inbound marketing approach, firms can bring prospective clients to the website, turn unknown visitors to known visitors (when they subscribe or download content), nurture prospects and create relationships.

5. Amplify your attorney’s digital brand

For law firms, their attorneys are their products hence they need to showcase their thought leadership through social media, blog posts etc. so that industry-wide credibility is built upon thus influencing client decisions.

6. Unify your technology into a customer experience platform

From content management to a dedicated CRM, technology assets are at the radius of all things digital.

7. Measure client engagement

As with any other marketing campaign, law firms must also measure the client engagement akin to ROI. The acquisition, behavior and outcomes need to be measured, analyzed and thread bared to continuously optimize the client engagement initiatives.

This timely exercise of unifying content between colleagues, partners and clients would help law firms to realize significant value through higher productivity and improved client service. To drive change and transform client engagement, law firms must focus upon delivering a comprehensive customer experience platform. Please ensure that you have the ready reckoner with you and your team to be the catalyst of this change.

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