How lead nurturing helps in superior Customer Experience

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Lead management, Customer experience

Lead nurturing is the process of understanding customer behavior and based on that planning marketing campaigns. Once the campaigns are planned then, leads should be passed to these campaigns automatically so that relevant message/email can be sent to the prospect as and when required.

Lead nurturing exemplifies the importance of the customer experience. For any form of company or vertical (B2B or B2C), delivering an exceptional customer experience requires a holistic approach that involves research, strategy, and technology to work hand in hand.

Why do we need Lead Nurturing to have better customer experience?

Instead of 'hoping' the customer to return, lead nurturing provides a way for you to engage with them, automatically. It means that even if they leave, you have the power to stay in touch and get them to come back once nurtured. This way, you’re in control.

Lead management, Customer experience

A couple of scenarios highlighted below showcase how effective lead nurture could help in enhancing the customer experience and converting unqualified leads into qualified leads or a new opportunity into sales from the marketing point of view.

  • According to one of the live scenarios, not all visitors to a website are ready to make the transaction, but with the lead nurturing concept, we can build new relationships with these customers. If our lead nurturing programs deliver content with relevant information and intrigue customers so they stay in touch and keep our brand on top of their minds.
  • Let’s take another scenario where a customer is planning to buy a product manufactured by particular brand with a budget of X amount. The customer started surfing the net, and found that the product he liked is slightly out of budget.

If lead nurturing is implemented, then at the same moment when the customer didn’t make the transaction, we can send email/message to the customer with products details of same brand and relevant type but lower in cost that might fit customer requirements. In this way, customer will feel that we care about his needs and he is a valued customer for us.

This is what lead nurturing is about, to provide relevant information based on customer behavior. Whereas, if the Lead Nurturing concept is not implemented, this lead might be lost as no further communication will be sent to him.

  • Considering a scenario where a webinar invite is sent to customers. Generally how the flow goes on is: Invite sent to customers, some just registered themselves and some attended. Finally, the marketing team download the report and proceed with necessary actions like sharing details with the sales team.

But what about the ones who didn't respond? In this case, we have 3 different scenarios:

  • Who received the email but didn’t open the email
  • Who opened the email but didn’t register
  • Who registered but did not attend

If lead nurturing is implemented in this case, we should plan follow-up/reminder emails for all customers who responded and who didn't respond. By this we are communicating the customers that:

  • You are valuable to us, and we keep track of your response
  • For any reason, if you are not able to join then let us know so that we can share recording with you
  • If you miss this webinar or email then let us know, and we will keep you updated with upcoming webinars

As highlighted above, Lead Nurturing concept should meet below objectives to have a great customer experience:

  • Educate and inform customers: With Lead Nurturing, we can send knowledgeable or relevant content with alternate solutions to their problems.
  • Understand customer needs and wants: If we plan content for the email/website to be used for Lead Nurturing campaigns based on research and strategy, then it will be more effective as it would cater specifically to each customer wants and needs and make them feel that someone is listening and responding as per their requirements.
  • Help customers make correct decisions: Effective Lead Nurturing means to educate, guide a prospect towards a particular product or service. The content in itself should assist them to make a better decision by answering all of their concerns.
  • Build trust in brand: If lead nurturing content is well-written, informative, and provides the reader with real value, it will show that the company is knowledgeable and recognizes what their customers want.

An organization can have below nurture campaigns to enhance customer experience:

Customer experience

While implementing lead nurturing, we need to ensure that lead nurturing campaigns are planned with the motive of educating customers with relevant information and making brand value so that they prefer our product before they are ready to buy because if a customer loses interest in our messages, they’ll disengage by unsubscribing, marking our messages as spam, ignoring or deleting our messages.

Lead Nurturing effectiveness can be measured based on its implementation, if it is implemented correctly then results will be good, but if it is achieved without placing any logic then results will not be as per expectation.

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