How leading manufacturers create amazing experiences around Sitecore

Author: Tanu Gupta | Categories: Marketing Automation, Manufacturing, Sitecore CMS, CMS

Sitecore is an industry-leading CMS that offers a robust set of features and functionality that can help manufacturing marketers radically transform their marketing efforts, communications management, and customer experience.

Although its primary function is as a CMS, Sitecore is best used as a platform and hub that ties together various tools and technology. It can be used to integrate data across departments and serve as the primary source of customer data and insights for your entire company.

Leading organisation are leveraging the capabilities of Sitecore to deliver amazing experiences. 

They focus on five key initiatives:

1. Data integration leading to single view of the customer

At the center of delivering an exceptional customer experience is the availability and use of data. Information on customer interactions, preferences, and past behavior are all essential to customer experience. Often times, this data is collected and stored in disparate systems like the CMS, CRM, and marketing automation platform. 

Using Sitecore, this data can be integrated and centralized.

With the right data at hand, firms are able to deploy incredibly powerful functionality like contextual marketing, hyper-personalization, and predictive analytics that identify and flag potential customers based on predefined patterns. 

Sitecore CMS

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Sitecore offers the extendability to integrate data from all of the necessary sources and tie it together--in real time--to provide the data and insights needed to deliver an amazing experience for every customer.

2. Contextual experiences

For a customer, context means everything. 

Messages and offers that aren’t relevant to a particular customer at a particular time can turn them off and they may never return. 

“The context of the customer shifts continuously, and marketers have to follow suit and keep track of what is happening. Between a website visitor’s first and second visit, chances are there has been much interaction with your company as well as with some of your competitors. The marketer with the most in-depth understanding of the customer’s journey, has the best chance of providing the right content at the right time. And, thus, of landing the deal.”
Mark Wheeler, VP EMEA Marketing

Using the correct data integration and Sitecore’somnichannel automation functionality, firms can provide relevant and contextual experiences at every turn. Contextual marketing can even be used to orchestrate messaging and content across channels in real time, based on customer interactions as they happen. 

This kind of experience creates a powerful and lasting impression on your customer.

3. Online and offline channel continuity

Too often, firms focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience online but then fail to deliver that same experience through their offline channels. For many customers, the experience they receive when talking to sales, support, or other employees is just as important--or even more so--than the kind of experience they have interacting with your brand online.

Each customer’s detailed record of interactions and interests can be fed through Sitecore into a CRM and provide context for offline interactions, giving staff the data they need to continue delivering the meaningful and relevant customer experience to every individual.

4. Analysis and optimization

Collecting data is great, but acting on data is even better. By deploying campaigns through Sitecore and measuring performance across channels, segments, and customer flows, it becomes possible to quickly iterate and improve performance across all touchpoints. 

Fast testing, measurement, and change are the keys to optimizing the cross-channel experience and maximizing the value of every prospect, lead, and customer. 

With Sitecore’s campaign functionality, teams are able to quickly deploy and measure changes across channels, targeting specific customer segments and key touchpoints. This data can then be immediately used to identify areas for improvement and continue iteration and improvement.

5. Omni-channel delivery

At the heart of customer experience management is the need for firms to adapt to the behaviors and demands of modern customers. One major aspect of that is the need for omnichannel delivery--consistent experience across channels and across time. Few customers today follow a traditional or sequential journey. Instead, they bounce between channels and touchpoints throughout their buying process.

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Source: On-the-mark.com

And firms must learn to adapt to this model by creating a unified experience in all instances.

An Oracle study found that 66% of brands see an increase in customer loyalty as a result of their omni-channel marketing efforts, a figure which speaks powerfully for the importance of this concept. 

By leveraging the capabilities of Sitecore and through each of these key initiatives, organizations can take a major step toward true omnichannel experiences and a strategic competitive advantage. A unified customer experience is crucial for success of any marketing initiative these days!