How to get more out of your email marketing campaigns

Author: Anchal Arora | Categories: Digital Marketing

Often marketers are at a loss for figuring out what more can they do for effective email marketing after all they were certain they had great content. You are not alone and no, it’s not rocket science either. A few tips may be is just what you need to push your email marketing strategy.

One of the key things is getting the implementation and delivery right. While email service providers may provide the bulk delivery you need, marketing automation tools such as Eloqua offer a far broader variety of capabilities. Email deliverability is a key concern and rightly so. Marketers need to ensure their communication is not marked as spam. One of the key ways of ensuring deliverability is to create campaigns that are delivered with the right content and delivered when it’s most effective to be received. Batch and blast tactics will lead to high level of unsubscribing rates while also negatively affecting the brand. Instead, fine tune your campaigns with added intelligence of the audience preference and digital patterns.

Let’s talk about digital patterns a little more. Assume you have done the right set of inbound marketing to get the correct opt-ins to make your target lists, you need to ensure that your content is targeted and relevant. If you have visibility of consumer behavior across other channels such as website (implicit) and combined with demographic and profile data (explicit), you will be armed to better segment and target your audience and offer personalization with more effective and relevant content, thereby increasing open and click through rates.

As more and more B2B and B2C prospects adopt different devices (mobile, tablets etc.), making your email campaigns responsive ensures a wider reach, easy accessibility which results in higher open and click through rates.

Last but not the least, build in detailed analytics into your email campaigns. Common metrics to look for are an open rate, click through rates, unsubscribes, opt-outs and bounce rates. Ensure you are tracking your call-to-action links as well. The open-to-click ratio can provide interesting insights into the relevancy of your content. Only if you have the right tracking enabled, can you collect and analyze trends over a period of time.

Happy Campaigning!