How to increase lead conversion with Sitecore and Eloqua

Author: Anirban Chakraborty | Categories: Sitecore CMS, Oracle | Eloqua, Demand Generation

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We call it integrating the best of both worlds. With the amazing growth of powerful marketing CMS platforms such as Sitecore CMS is driven by their built-in capability to provide content personalized for and targeted to prospects and customers. If you were to combine a marketing automation platform, like Eloqua, with your CMS, then you can add a whole new dimension to your marketing ability and effectiveness. Marrying the strengths of a Sitecore and an Eloqua into the notion of a unified engagement platform enables marketers to shorten the prospects’ journey through the buying cycle and improve the quality of lead conversions.

Both Sitecore and Eloqua provide comparable but complementary capabilities –one focused on the organization’s primary digital presence while the other is focused on lead management and multi-channel campaigns. The combination helps convert leads to sales faster and more consistently than a scenario when you have your web CMS and marketing automation platforms working in silos.

Download this eBook to know how edynamic is pioneering the Unified Customer Experience and Engagement Platform — an integration of capabilities that will enable marketers to maintain continuous digital dialog with prospects, nurturing them from their initial contact until they are ready for sales to engage them.

This eBook covers:

  • Fundamentals required to nurture the prospect till conversion
  • How to get the most from platforms such as Sitecore and Eloqua?
  • The combined value of Sitecore & Eloqua