Marketers in manufacturing companies need to embrace Marketing Automation

Author: Aditi Syal | Categories: Manufacturing, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing

Marketing for manufacturing companies means having to foster B2B and, at times, B2C relationships while supporting diffused delivery channels. And the key to success with a broad distribution channel is to keep your product at the top of the mind of every distributor! Digital plays a huge role for manufacturers because this is where most customers begin their search and evaluation of products. Further, digital presents the most cost effective and agile opportunity for manufacturers to keep their distributors empowered and engaged on products and offers.

However, few digital agencies offer innovative lead management, prospecting or nurture solutions custom made for manufacturing companies. It is these kind of solutions that can help manufacturers stay in touch with dealers and prospects, consistently. With the aid of some excellent automation tools, most of the distribution marketing process can be automated, thus, making it more efficient and rational for manufacturing companies to handle related backend processes.

Marketing automation platforms can potentially play a significant role in effective digital marketing and lead management for manufacturers. For instance, by successful integration of your CRM and marketing automation software, you can prepopulate forms for website visitors. This enables you to know your prospects well and keep track of their valuable information. It also helps you to draft relevant profiling questions for prospects so as to better qualify them over time and, in parallel, pass on this intelligence to your CRM system and sales teams.

According to Aberdeen, firms that use marketing automation improve lead conversion 107%, have a greater average deal size of 40%, have a 20% higher attainment of quota and 17% better forecast accuracy.

To deliver ROI and revenue promise, marketing teams in manufacturing companies will require better operations. Indeed, acquiring data, being agile, testing continuously and campaign attribution are some key priorities for marketers. Therefore, to create an engine that improves revenue impact, manufacturing organizations need to undertake a transformation journey. edynamic recommends a 3 step journey that allows manufacturers to align strategy and operations to generate revenue.

marketing automation

As with other industries, manufacturers are feeling the pressure to measure the impact of every dollar spent on marketing and today there is mounting focus put on the direct revenue impact of marketing on revenue. A digital revenue engine vision and roadmap based on marketing automation might just be the critical first step in this journey!