Marketing Automation Best Practices for Insurance Companies

Author: Caroline Schmid | Categories: Digital Marketing, Insurance, Marketing Automation, Online Marketing, Oracle | Eloqua

Are you using marketing automation effectively to improve acquisition and agent/broker engagement?

Good business relationships are a necessity for survival and success in the insurance industry. But is your marketing strategy helping you build those essential personal relationships with your prospects and customers?

Watch your sales grow as you explore multiple marketing channels to stay-in-touch with your prospective buyers through personalized e-mail campaigns, e-newsletters, holiday greetings and much more! What’s more, support your producers with higher engagement and enablement.

In this webinar, Caroline Schmid, Vice President, Demand Generation Practice, will walk you through the winds of change in the insurance industry and how your company can take a significant leap through adoption and smart use of marketing automation.

This webinar will cover:

  • The digitalization of insurance marketing
  • How do marketers meet customer and channel expectations?
  • How can insurance marketers leverage marketing automation to meet key objectives?