Microsoft Power BI: The Perfect Data Visualization Tool for Marketers

Author: Anuj Kumar | Categories: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics

Microsoft Power BI is a self-service business intelligence tool, offering you a complete BI solution. It allows you to share, collaborate, make interactive reports from row data, and share insights as well. Irrespective of the device and volume of data available, Microsoft BI allows you to enjoy a complete 360-degree view of your business’ analytics using robust tools that help you create reports in a jiffy.

There are about 100 data source connectors available with Microsoft Power BI, for example, Google Analytics, SQL Server, Excel, Salesforce, Adobe Analytics, etc. So, all you need to do is just connect your data (available in the different business applications) through these connectors and have it come up in your Power BI desktop. Thereafter, you can collect relevant data and make insightful reports.

In Power BI visualization, you can easily sieve data and drill deeper into it, in just one click. You can also apply different filters to get valuable insights from your data. And, these are just a few to name here – there’s plenty of other tasks too that you can accomplish with this tool.

Powering up data using Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a complete business analytics suite, set with three advanced tools that include:
  1. Microsoft Power BI Desktop

  2. Microsoft Power BI Service

  3. Microsoft Power BI Mobile

Power BI Desktop

This is a development tool that makes it easier for marketers to develop business intelligence and generate insightful data analysis reports. In the Power BI Desktop tool, connect your data using a Power BI connector, and explore the in-built capacities of the tool such as data modeling and data refinement – to prepare it for advanced visualization. Power BI Desktop updates are released every month to keep you on top of your business!

Once the data is sorted and included in an interactive report, you may publish the same on Power BI Service – the Microsoft solution that is cloud based.

Power BI Service

The cloud-based Microsoft Power BI Service offers you 1 GB storage in the free version and 10 GB user storage space at $9.99/user/month (this is the current price and subject to change).

So, when you publish a report from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service, you move all your data (related to that report) to the Power BI cloud form. Using this report, you can quickly make an interactive dashboard for your presentation. Because this promotes easy sharing and collaboration, your reports can be easily viewed and included in presentations. To limit the access of reports, you have the choice of Reading View and Editing View to pick from.

Below are the key features of the Power BI Service that enables you to:

  • Schedule auto data refreshes.

  • Collaborate with your team using Power BI Service.

  • Manage access control.

  • Explore your dataset with natural human language.

  • Share dashboard on Office 365, or via a single link.

  • Export your dashboard in PPT or print.

  • Embed your report in a web page.

Power BI Mobile

The Microsoft-built app for Power BI users allows you to easily access your data, reports, and dashboards – any place or time you want. The Microsoft Power BI app is available on all mobile platforms, such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

To access and make use of your Power BI Service-powered reports and dashboards, all you need to do is download the Power BI app and log in using your login ID. Simple!

How does Power BI Work?

To use the Power BI tool, you’d need to follow the easy steps as explained below:

  • In the first step, import the data in Power BI.

  • To do this, choose the data source and then choose to import it.

  • Follow this up with data modeling (make data ready for visualization) and then make visualization according to your business requirement.

  • Publish the report in the Power BI Service platform.

Now, your report is available in the Power BI online service – go ahead and share or export it as a PowerPoint presentation or in the PDF format.

Besides, you may also

  • Pin a report or a visual in a dashboard.

  • Put up your report on a web page of your site, or get an iframe code.

  • Ask a question of your data with natural language regarding your data in Power BI dashboard.

  • Auto generate insights.

Microsoft Power BI is a complete BI solution for data analysis, interactive visualization, reporting, and so on. It is a self-service BI solution with the best in class tools for creating reports and visuals. What makes Microsoft Power BI different from its counterparts is its row-level security that allows you to restrict access at a controlled level. In Power BI, you can also use custom visuals, as you are not limited to just the default visualizations. Its low cost, compared to other BI tools, make it one of the most affordable business analytics solutions for businesses to opt for.