Personalized, multi channel marketing with the sitecore 8 experience platform

Author: Abhiraj Banerjee | Categories: CMS, Customer Experience, Personalization & Targeting, Sitecore CMS

It is time for marketers to shed cobwebs and dependence on multiple marketing tools and IT teams to run high-velocity marketing programs. What’s more – in times where customers are buying from brands that speak to their preferences – how about a platform that enables you to get real-time insight into customer behavior and insight and shape your next message to them quickly, efficiently and across all touch-points.

Enter Sitecore 8. A platform that can truly redefine personalized, multi-channel marketing. Imagine this – a prospect coming to your website and spending time reading some content and downloading some other content. Your website CMS notifies your email marketing platform immediately about this prospect behavior and you are able to trigger a personalized email to the same prospect with content tailored to the prospect’s behavior on your site. The prospect gets the email on his mobile phone and downloads the next piece of content there. Your sales team moves in to set up an appointment. In a matter of minutes and days. Simple. And this is just one of the many ways Sitecore 8 will amaze you.

In this webinar, Abhiraj Banerjee, Vice President, Digital Marketing Solutions at edynamic will walk you through how you can use this amazing platform to leapfrog competition and get close to customers and prospects across channels and devices.

The webinar will cover how you can use Sitecore 8 for:

  • Real time customer behavior insight
  • High-velocity marketing
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Personalized engagement