Revenue Metrics For Revenue Marketers

Author: Warren Raisch | Categories: Demand Generation, Digital Analytics, Digital-Revenue-Engine

Have you ever wondered how to prove the revenue impact of your marketing activities such as Display, Search, Social, Mobile and other channel ads? Learn how to capture and leverage “Revenue Metrics”.

In this webcast, we have discussed why “Revenue Metrics” are vital for modern marketers. We have reviewed how to build a Revenue Analytics Measurement Plan, how to build new relationships with the Sales organization and how to transform your marketing organization from a cost center into a revenue center.

Some Revenue Metrics topic that will be discussed include:
  • Transforming behavioral metrics into revenue metrics
  • Measuring micro conversion metrics
  • Measuring & analyzing campaign attribution & performance metrics
  • Sales metrics
  • Profit metrics
  • Economic analytics – reviewing financial impacts of delivering through digital (cost avoidance/cost savings/ higher retention/improved customer satisfaction)
  • Attributed revenue models
  • Total revenue impacts
  • ROAS (Return on advertising spend)