SharePoint for Law Firm Websites

Author: SharePoint Team | Categories: SharePoint, Legal, Professional Services, CMS

The legal industry is changing. With global mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and rebranding initiatives taking place, the majority of the law firms have already started revamping their websites.

Though there are 1000s of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) available today, but here is why SharePoint is becoming a choice for law firms:

  • In today’s economy, law firms are looking for ways to be more efficient and effective in leveraging their current information technology investments to do more with less. With nearly 80% of mid-large size law firms already utilizing SharePoint in some form or the other (Source: 2010 ILTA technology survey), extending it as a WCMS is now the most cost effective option.
  • With the improved WCM capabilities of SharePoint 2010 and upcoming SharePoint 2013, law firms would now easily be able to support their Internet and Collaboration portals along with their Intranet, Extranet and Websites from one unified platform.
  • The legal environment is becoming increasingly complex. Working with the major pillars of collaboration — Branding, Content Management, Workflows, User Adoption, Search & Mobile access – in isolation is no more possible. With the release of SharePoint 2013 collaboration has become a lot easier.

This webinar will not only highlight the value that SharePoint WCM provides to the law firms but also outline the web experience that drives conversion.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you should consider SharePoint for public facing websites?
  • Common pain areas for managing / building a website on SharePoint
  • Key features and benefits of SharePoint as a platform for websites
  • Value that SharePoint bring to law firms