Significance of Connectors in your Marketing Strategies

Significance of Connectors in your Marketing Strategies

Author: Sonam Rastogi | Categories: Marketing Automation, Sitecore CMS, Sitecore + Eloqua, Demand Generation

In the age of the digital customer, marketers have to try out different tools to reach out and connect. These different platforms or tools can be independently used as they are disconnected from one another. This often leads to a communication gap between the different platforms, which marketers have to deal with. However, there’s no scope for gaps in the competitive marketing vertical, and with each brand vying for the attention of customers, this gap can affect negatively.

To minimize this effect on your business, you need software connectors that:

  • Connect the different tools you work with

  • Make using the tools, a worry-free process for you

Before we talk about the connectors that are available and the ones that can help your business, it’s important to understand why they are necessary in the first place.

The need for connectors (and solutions)

Usually, digital marketers opt for multiple tools to execute their marketing strategies and evaluate performances. This includes email, social platforms, CRM, CXM, and Google Analytics among others. However, the problem is that each of these channels works individually – the output of one is seldom capable of being utilized by another tool. This results in loss of efficacy of the campaigns and delays the benefits of ROI too.

The ideal solution in such an instance would be to make use of software connectors.

For the starters, connectors act as a bridge between multiple platforms and keep the journey consistent and effective. They allow marketers to manage and control the digital marketing features of marketing automation tools, such as Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, ExactTarget, and many more; CXM like Sitecore; CRM like Salesforce; and Analytics, such as Google Analytics. You can associate emails, import forms to your CXM or CRM instance from your marketing automation (MA) tool, and maximize MA usage by integrating it with live web forms in CXM or CRM. You can leverage this to boost your lead generation strategies, lead nurturing campaigns, feed the lead scoring process, manage your campaigns better, and define personalization strategies, besides referring it to create dynamic content.

Marketing Automation

Connectors with Marketing Automation tools, CRM, and CXM

Usually, marketers reach us (edynamic) for help with fixing communication errors between different platforms. Such errors typically limit the benefits of their marketing efforts and therefore can be scary. So, to cater to such requests, edynamic came up with the idea of building connectors – software that removes communication gaps between different platforms.

We have created several connectors for our existing and new clients and managed to integrate the marketing automation tools that they use with their CMS/CRM instances.

Marketing Automation Connectors

Some marketing automation connectors that we have built include Sitecore-Eloqua connector, Eloqua-Ektron Web CMS Connector, Sitecore-ExactTarget Connector, among others. Marketo and Eloqua have email connectors, form connectors, and landing page connectors that help sync emails and forms between the two platforms. For instance, if we want to sync the email platform or form through Eloqua with Salesforce and vice-versa, we can easily use the Eloqua email connector.

edynamic leverages the power of Marketo with Sitecore to help customers improve marketing effectiveness, generate high-quality sales-ready leads, and drive revenue.

In the past, we have encountered clients asking us to help them integrate their marketing automation tool with CRMs, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Netsuite, etc. When integrated, these tools can become robust processes aiding the efforts of marketers. CRM systems are considered as the backbone of databases because sales teams entirely rely on CRM databases for their day to day activities, such as manual uploading, cleaning, updating data, and so on. If CXM and CRM can coordinate, marketers can easily achieve target activities such as website personalization and content re-targeting. These could then go on to bear results in effective customer engagement.

Let’s take the example of Sitecore-Marketo connector to understand how it works.

Marketo Form Connector

Marketo Email Connector

edynamic leverages the power of Marketo with Sitecore to help customers improve marketing effectiveness, generate high-quality sales-ready leads, and drive revenue. Using this connector, we:

  • Deliver rich text features to Marketo’s email campaigns, in a single click, from Sitecore.

  • Nurture website leads via email campaigns by integrating email templates stored in Sitecore with Marketo.

  • Map Sitecore email items to respective campaigns.

  • Browse email items in Sitecore by ‘Email Group’ and/or ’Email Folder’.

  • Personalize both campaigns and your website by integrating data from your marketing automation tool with Sitecore.

The highlights of using this connector include:

  • Instant email creation using the Web Content Creation feature of Sitecore.

  • Quick and easy dynamic content changes in emails.

  • Customer profile data can do personalization in emails.

  • Lead scoring can be done and tracked within Sitecore.

In addition to the above, we have also built the Marketo Form Connector. This facilitates the import of complete form data from your marketing automation tool to Sitecore, with a single click!

Benefits of Connectors

As a recap of the above, here’re some of the noteworthy benefits of connectors:

  • They provide a flexible way to connect different platforms and describe the relationship between CRM, CXM, and MA.

  • Connectors enable quick and easy data integration by facilitating two-way integration between CRM, CXM, and MA.

  • They can improve your customer journey and boost the customer service quotient.

  • They help MA to connect with third-party tools for you to swiftly update data.

  • They enable marketers to proficiently work on lead generation campaigns by managing content across different platforms.

Not yet sure if connectors can help you ease the gaps you are facing while using different software platforms? Now is your chance to confirm it! Connect with us and speak with our experts to learn how we can add value to your marketing campaigns by integrating different software platforms using connectors.