Simple Steps for Module Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Author: Michael Julius | Categories: Drupal, CMS, CMS selection, Asset Management, Customer Experience, Websites, Web Content Management

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Moving from one software version to another requires making changes at several levels. One needs to be cautious while making this move so that:

  • The process is completed without a glitch
  • In case of an error, it can be fixed right there and then
  • The upgraded version is functional right after the move

To ensure that the above is in place, you need to follow the exact steps that can help you achieve this.

While you are upgrading from Drupal 7 to its latest – Drupal 8, you need to make sure that all the steps of the upgrade process are followed. To ease this for you, we have a mini guide highlighting the step-wise description. Download the same and prepare yourself for the upgrade process!

The mini guide covers:

  • Core components of Drupal 7 that you need to migrate
  • Tools to help you migrate
  • Installing Drush 8
  • An important note on Patches

Quick note: The best practice to follow while upgrading your current Drupal instance is to back up your current version first!