Sitecore for Email and Marketing Automation: An Overview

Author: Rajkishan Rawat | Categories: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing & Automation, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Sitecore CMS

Sitecore CMS

As an organization, edynamic has had a long history with the Sitecore Experience Platform. We have been implementing Sitecore as a content management solution for many of our elite clients for the past many years.

While Sitecore has had a stellar performance as a CMS providing you absolute control over your website, the Sitecore Experience Platform provides a cross-channel, single view of the customer. As a tool, Sitecore has evolved from being a powerful CMS to become a customer experience tool with a clear focus on digital marketing. The addition of EXM 3.4 has only strengthened the email component as a module to help elevate Sitecore to a fully functional marketing automation tool.

I have been working on various marketing automation platforms for several years, including complex enterprise tools such as Eloqua and Pardot. I have to say that I am impressed with the evolution of Sitecore in the marketing automation space. The Sitecore EXM improvements and its future roadmap prompt me to recommend the use of this tool for all customers that are currently using Sitecore. This can help in expanding the capabilities across Sitecore for email and marketing automation activities.

In this blog, I am going to talk about how Sitecore is no longer limited to only building websites and managing content but is also used for email and marketing automation activities, without adding another tool to your already defined environment.

To help identify whether you are the right candidate for expanding the capabilities of your Sitecore tool (to include automation and email) – here are a few key questions you should ask yourself about your current capabilities:

  • Are you able to quantify the leads generated from your website?

  • Are you able to identify the lead drop off from your website?

  • Are you able to distinguish between the known and unknown users of the website?

  • Are you able to identify the most engaging section of your website and vice-versa?

  • Are you able to perform multivariate testing on your website?

  • Are you able to send personalized communication, based on the website actions?

  • Do you have in-built personas/profiles based on website activities?

  • Are you able to respond to your clients in real time?

  • Are you running targeted marketing campaigns based on user activities?

  • Are you able to give the power of “Subscription Management” to your end users?

If your answer is “Yes” for most of the questions, then you are in good shape and have an in-built solution across your website and marketing automation activities. However, if your answer is “No” to most of the questions, then you ought to consider Sitecore EXM and the additional power of the Sitecore Experience Platform.

If your Sitecore-hosted website is integrated with EXM 3.4 and Sitecore Engagement plans, you can unlock the potential of the tool. The latest release of the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore EXM will empower you to do most complex marketing activities with ease.

Here is the list of activities you can manage by implementing Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore EXM 3.4:

  1. Reputation Management – Sitecore has developed a new cloud service with a world-class backbone, which is the best in the industry. This ensures that every email you send is delivered to the inbox of the user.

  2. 360-degree view of customer engagement – Sitecore uses the Experience Database (xDB) repository to capture both implicit and explicit customer behavior, and it can even become your integrated marketing database that pulls in data from other marketing databases.

  3. Targeted actions – With Sitecore Experience Automation, you can trigger email communication in real time or based on particular activities. This, in turn, can improve your chances of conversion.

  4. One Platform – Sitecore can become your single source for information – one connected platform with one set of tools and assets to support the entire customer journey. This comes as a major advantage that prevents you from struggling to connect and map multiple tools and platforms.
Sitecore EXM
The above image illustrates a single view of the Sitecore Email Experience Manager.

In Summary

Sitecore is a powerful tool that handles all your digital marketing activities. With the introduction of modules such as EXM 3.4, Experience Database (xDB), Sitecore Experience Automation, and Advanced Cloud Services for managing reputation, it has become even more robust. It can become your one-stop solution for creating and handling complete customer experiences that help take away the complexity of managing and integrating multiple tools and platforms.