Sitecore Mobile Apps

Sitecore Mobile Apps

Author: Gaurav Gupta | Categories: Mobile, Sitecore CMS, Digital Marketing

In the complex mobile technology ecosystem, selecting the right development approach can be intimidating. Sitecore mobile solution makes the entire process simple for marketers and technologists.

In the video shared above, Gaurav Gupta, SVP - Mobile Practice at edynamic, highlights why you should build mobile apps and how you can build them by leveraging the existing Sitecore implementation.

Additionally, the webcast focuses on:

  • The need to build mobile apps
  • How Sitecore can support you to build mobile apps
  • Sitecore mobile app solution
  • Sitecore native mobile apps
  • Sitecore cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin
  • Recommendation for using specific mobile technology
  • Building blocks for developing mobile apps