Smart Analytics the power to transform digital marketing for insurance companies

Author: Akhil Mittal | Categories: Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Websites, Insurance

Are you struggling to differentiate and gain market share in times of flat growth and disruptive competition in the insurance industry?

Insurance marketers have a dual challenge of engaging both end customers as well as agents/advisors. Digital and agent led acquisition of new customers are super important for insurers’ growth but with customers in control and smarter than ever before, marketers need to measure and optimize the right things to increase the effectiveness of whatever they are doing. Therefore, the use of marketing analytics is no more an option but a necessity for digital marketers in insurance companies.

To discover the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of building strong analytics capabilities to improve performance for insurance marketers, watch Akhil Mittal, Vice President - Digital Solutions at edynamic, for a webinar 

This webinar will cover:

  • The flavors of Insurance marketing analytics including: Descriptive, Diagnostic and Predictive
  • How customer acquisition can be improved through apt measurement and informed decisions
  • How does analytics boost agent engagement
  • How can digital marketers get started with an analytics driven culture for better performance