The Advanced Personalization Blueprint

Author: Abhiraj Banerjee, Jagdeep Kochar | Categories: Personalization, 1:1 Marketing, CMS, Customer Engagement, Marketing Automation

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We’ve heard for years about the need to better segment and target customers to deliver more relevant messages and content.

But basic segmentation and targeted messaging are only so effective. And what worked a few years ago is quickly becoming outdated as new data and technology enable companies to do an even better job of identifying their customer’s needs.

To drive more value, we need to move beyond the basics and into advanced personalization.

Advanced personalization is about customizing the entire customer experience – across channels, time, and touch points – to meet the needs and preferences of individuals. It’s about pinpointing the exact moments in time to provide relevant information and make relevant offers that create value.

Not only does this provide a better experience where customers are happier and more engaged, but it drives business results and allows companies to control the customer experience better – even when the journey is not a traditional linear path to purchase.

Download our eBook The Advanced Personalization Blueprint to understand how you can plan and implement an advanced personalization strategy.

This eBook also covers:

  • Why advanced personalization matters
  • Advanced personalization in practices
  • The roadmap to advanced personalization
  • Choosing the right tools to achieve advanced personalization