The Definitive Guide to Professional Service Firm Websites

Author: Rahul Khosla, Sachin Datta | Categories: Professional Services, Websites, Website Design & User Experience, Consulting, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Personalization

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While many firms have improved their web presence to improve digital engagement with clients, the current state of professional service firm websites leaves a lot to be desired. Sadly, most professional service firm websites live in a ‘sea of sameness’ where their content and positioning are not differentiated and their websites are nothing more than online brochures.

“Customers’ buying processes have evolved in our world of ubiquitous, instant, global communication…but companies’ marketing and selling processes have for the most part stayed the same.” – Thomas Stewart, Editor, HBR

The client has changed. This informed client is in control of the buying process. She has numerous options at her disposal. If firms don’t engage with her in a limited window, she detached herself from the experience.

This guide will give you insights into a client's journey with a professional service firm website that digitally engages her at every step and keeps her interested.

  • How to build and strengthen digital relationships for the firm
  • An efficient approach to lead generation and increasing sales
  • What is client journey and how to focus on it
  • How the design of your website reflects the story of your firm
  • Why mobile and technology is a must