The digital customer experience imperative

Author: Daniel Huss | Categories: Customer Experience, Digital Marketing

In the ‘age of the customer’, where customers are in control and they buy rather than being sold, you need to engage with every customer in a personalized and contextual manner at all channels. This applies to B2B and B2C.

Customer experience is the new marketing, but what does that mean in the context of your digital initiatives? Given that digital touchpoints are undoubtedly the most frequent for your organization, and providing a positive experience is of the utmost importance to you, what should you be doing online to address this?

In this webinar, Daniel Huss, Director of digital customer experience at edynamic, will walk you through why is customer experience important and how you can become a leader in customer experience with our unique approach.

The webinar covers:

  • What really is digital customer experience?
  • Why it is the new marketing and why that matters?
  • The steps to align your organization