The Importance of Optimizing the Internal Search Experience on a Website

The Importance of Optimizing the Internal Search Experience on a Website

Author: Megha Khandelwal | Categories: 1:1 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Customer Acquisition

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Your website is the world’s window to your business. So, while you are concentrating on strategies to make your website perform on external search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, are you also giving the internal website search the importance it deserves?

Almost every website carries an internal search functionality that users use to find relevant content available on the site. Although it appears as just a small button on a site, it has a powerful role to play in keeping website visitors engaged. Remember, your website acts as a window!

Today it is no more about the search functionality just being there on your website – it is an essential part of creating an ‘experience’ for your visitors and customers. So, how do you build it to create that personalized experience? Can you optimize the internal search experience itself?

Answering all the whys and hows is this eBook on Definitive Guide for Optimizing Search Experience. Download it to find out why it is so essential for brands to optimize a website’s internal search experience and how you could make the most of the search engines that are available with Sitecore.

This eBook also covers:

  • Classification of search
  • Factors that help boost the search experience