The Sitecore Marketing Technology Ecosystem

Author: Abhiraj Banerjee | Categories: CMS, Sitecore CMS, Email Marketing & Automation, Exact Target, Marketo, Marketing Automation, Oracle | Eloqua, Pardot, Sitecore + Eloqua

You're probably quite familiar with Sitecore and its capabilities but did you know that tight integration of Sitecore with other platforms in your marketing stack can take you to the next level?

Consider this – now you can merchandize your latest video on your website and other owned channels from within Sitecore! Or that your customer service/product review can make it into real time into Sitecore thereby enabling you to market/sell better online…

Which are these cool connectors he will walk you through?

  • Sitecore and leading Marketing Automation platforms
  • Sitecore with some best-in-class Video platforms
  • Sitecore-Blogger Connector
  • Sitecore-Azure Connector
  • Sitecore BazaarVoice review Connector
  • Several other Sitecore centric accelerators