Upgrade to Sitecore 9: Why, When, What and How

Author: Greg Baxter, Akhil Mittal, Sathish Balakrishnan | Categories: Personalization, Sitecore CMS, Customer Experience, CMS, Web Content Management

Sitecore 9 has taken the center-stage of discussions since its launch at the Symposium last month. However for Sitecore users, the decision to upgrade involves a lot of moving parts, both from a strategy and technical perspective.

Our sitecore MVPs and veterans have put together this strategic and technical overview webinar to help you understand the ask, need and results of this upgrade exercise.

This webinar will cover:

  • THE WHY – Under the hood of Sitecore 9, use cases and results you can expect
  • THE WHAT – Essential strategic and technical components required
  • THE WHEN – Ideal roadmap and upgrade timeline
  • HOW – Different ways to upgrade and the most efficient way to upgrade
  • Do’s and Don’ts to be followed during an upgrade