Website Internationalization Best Practices for Law Firms

Website Internationalization Best Practices for Law Firms

Author: Vidhi Jain | Categories: Websites, CMS, Legal, SEO

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In the world where organizations are competing to take their businesses around the globe, it's time for legal marketers to adopt a global approach.

Organizations often develop Web portals for different countries in silos. Each country/region may have its own IT department, which develops websites that cater to that region’s needs. Internationalization is the process of ensuring that your website’s architecture, underlying platforms and workflows accommodate multiple languages and cultural conventions to make the creation of localized sites possible.

As with most expansion plans, there are risks and pitfalls that need to be mitigated. There are things to be planned and executed well for internationalization to be successful. This eBook is written for law firm marketers who wish to understand the working of their websites' back-end technologies that could support multilingual content, enabling front-end designs to present quality, local-language content for culturally relevant customer experiences.

The eBook covers:

  • What is website internationalization
  • Multilingual capabilities, translation and creating digital content
  • for a global audience
  • SEO – Best Practices
  • Common risks with internationalization and mitigation steps